Party Limos for a fantastic night out with friends and families

Celebrations are part of life. However, ideas for celebrations have changed a lot these days. Today, one of the most popular and fun ways is to hire a Party Limo. It is the ultimate luxurious transport solution…… so get altogether and be ready for a fun-filled outing.

Party Limos are quite fun to travel in. There are many types of Limos available to choose from depending on the number of guest, amenities and your budget.

Imagine the fun you can have by gathering all your friends at one place to celebrate in style and elegance. It will make the occasion memorable that will be talked about with smiles for a long time.

Get your group and be ready for a dazzling night out

The vehicle is the best nightclub on wheels. It is an excellent way to enjoy with your best ones, without leaving anyone out. You get a plenty of space to party. With great sound system and your favorite dance numbers, your entire group will be entertained all night. If you want some food inside the vehicle or stop off at a favorite bar- no matter all your needs are well-taken care.

Want a theme party- get set for it

Themed celebrations are fun. Everyone loves to dress up in a particular mood. No matter which era you wish to celebrate, the vehicle will come all decked up as per the theme. It will have music and props all that goes with your idea of partying.  So get started for an enchanting night.

Get together with friends and family

Are you planning a dinner gathering in the coming days? What will be a better way to do it than using a Party Limo to transport your guests from one venue to another? Enjoy starters at one restaurant, and then progress to a different place for the main course. No drinking and driving issues as you will have a chauffeur to get you safely from one location to another.

Apart from these, there are many ideas to use these services. No matter it is a dinner, a boardroom meeting or a team building session, this vehicle fits in all.

For Party Limos in Toronto, get in touch with Paramount Limo. We are a premier luxury transportation provider in GTA. We have the widest range of cars in our fleet. Each of it is fitted with the latest state of the art technology and safety features to make your ride comfortable.

Wedding Limos to make your big day

Do you desire to make your wedding unique and memorable? If yes, then Wedding Limos can fulfill this wish of yours.  It is a grand event for everyone. The services can make the occasion turn unique and extravagant.

A Limousine offers you the best luxurious experience. You feel like at cloud nine. Traveling in one would get you feel royal and elegant. Turn your wedding into a magical event the memories of which will rest inside you and your guests forever.

Get set for a relaxed and comfortable ride

Amid of hustle bustle of the marriage preparations, the to-be-married couple looks for a relaxed and comfortable ride.  No other vehicle can offer you the same plush and urbane feeling like a Limousine.  On your big day, you have a professional chauffeur at your side to take you to the wedding venue. So you need not drive on your own or rely on a friend, to drive you to the church. The ride relaxes and gives you some peace of mind before you enter into the wedlock.

A reliable ride for your friends and family

The biggest hassle during such occasion is the transportation of the guest arriving to be the part of the celebration. You can share the ride with your closest friends and family members.  Limos are spacious vehicles and can accommodate a large number of people in them. You can travel along with your closed ones in one or can book another vehicle for them.

It can pick your guest from the hotel or airport, and drop them to the church or the reception venue. After the event gets over, the chauffeur safely drops your guest to the designated places.

Entertaining ride

Wedding cars come equipped with the latest audio and video amenities. Some of them also serve drinks and snacks. Your guests can use these facilities.

Custom-made packages

The companies offer tailor-made packages, to meet your requirements. The rentals vary from cost-effective to expensive.  The choice is yours. The packages include red carpet, champagne, honeymoon transfers and bottled water. So you can personalize the rentals as per your budget and other requirements.

Paramount Limo is a reliable luxury car rental firm offering finest wedding cars in Greater Toronto Area, Toronto and Niagara Region.  We provide top line fleet of cars, ranging from Buses, Sedans, Stretch Limos and SUV to make your day extra special. Call us for more information or fill our online form for reservation.



Overawe your big day with Wedding Limos

Wedding is the most important day in one’s life.  Bride, to be, are most excited and want the day to be the most memorable. Girls always dream of a fairy tale wedding and to accomplish this vision, they rely on Wedding Limos Brantford. There were times when these services were costly to hire. However, the scenario has changed a lot since the last few years. Now the services are in reach of a lot of people.

Thus, if you can afford one, then it is the best idea. In Brantford, there are many companies that offer these services. So it becomes difficult get in touch with a reputed and reliable firm. The article highlights a few important steps to ensure you have a smooth and hassle-free ride for your big day.

Book early

To ensure there are no last minute hassles, start looking for Wedding Limo around three months in advance.  Transportation is paramount during such events. Without prior booking, transferring guest and the special couple to the venue will come difficult. Moreover, advance reservation gives you a lot more exclusive fleet option to choose from.

Get the referrals

It is always better to get referrals from your family and friends. They might tell with whom services they are happy with. Referral assures reliability of the firm.

Discuss all the terms and conditions

It may take weeks to finalize the deal.  You might want to spend many days talking to several providers regarding rental deals and vehicles. You should have a look at the cars they are offering. Also, discuss in detail regarding your expectations, requirements and most importantly budget.  It will help the provider custom-made a package for you as per your needs.

Rental deed

During your special day, you want to keep off the surprises or hidden cost. So make sure all terms are in written format. Read the rental contract thoroughly before you sign it.

A week prior the wedding, make sure everything is in its place. Call the company and ensure that everything is in order.

If you are in the search of a stylish and exclusive Wedding Limo Brantford, get in touch with Paramount Limo. With a team of dedicated professionals, state of technology and variety of fleet of cars, we will address to all your ground transportation needs in the best possible manner. Call us for more details or fill our online form for booking or free quotes.

Wedding Limo service for a grand event

Every bride dreams of a grand wedding. For this, they use Wedding Limo service to get them to the ceremony in style. When you are planning for your big day, it is a great addition to have a chauffeur driven vehicle at dispense so that you can sit and relax in the luxury it offers.

At the same time, it becomes necessary to choose the right Wedding Limo service Toronto to offer you a service. Choosing a reputable provider reduces the risk of late arrivals, not-so well-maintained cars and above all ill-mannered chauffeurs. All these things can make your wedding a disastrous event which you do not want.

A few important considerations….

  • You might have planned your wedding on a theme. So it is imperative to choose a Limo that compliments your theme. While an SUV Limo may look spectacular, if your theme is simple than a white colored Stretch Limo will be a better option.  As per your theme, you can choose from SUV, classic cars and Cadillac Escalade among others.
  • Also ensure the car comes decorated as per the color scheme you thought of. It will make the event look more spectacular.
  • The chauffeur must come elegantly dressed up in a tuxedo. You would also expect him to be courteous to the guest. It is also expected from him to help the bride settle inside the car and have the door opened so that the bride can come outside easily.
  • Selection of the vehicle depends on the number of passengers. If you intend arriving at the event with bridesmaids, then choose the car accordingly. Do a head count before you book Wedding Limo service Toronto. It enables you to ride in comfort.
  • Wedding Limo service Toronto offers different packages. These packages vary in process and amenities. For example, you can include a stocked bar in the car, add up a few hours to use the Limo to drop the newly-wed to the reception venue. You can also add decorations to suit your theme.
  • Set a budget for the event. It is easy to overspend on this day. So having a budget in the mind and sticking to it saves your money.
  • The company you select must send the quote and contract in writing. It is easy to go through written contract. It also eliminates any chances of foul play. Always keep an extra copy of it with you. Never sign a contract until you have read it thoroughly.
  • Book a Limousine service well in advance so that you can make the arrangements as you like.

Paramount Limo is a Toronto-based Limousine company. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the best services in the region at affordable prices.

A guide to hire Wedding Limo Brampton

Wedding is a special occasion. However, planning for the event is stressful. You consider every single detail, small and big to make the day just perfect. The most important aspect to take care of during such occasions is transportation. It is where Wedding Limo Brampton comes to your help.

A comprehensive guide to help you book a Wedding Limousine service in Brampton conveniently- things to know

Know the basics

Looking for a wedding Limo is challenging. Not only you should look for available vehicles, but also have to find a service that can keep up with your schedule. You do not want the car to arrive late during your special day. Situations like this are embarrassing, and you do not want this to happen in your case. So for this it becomes necessary to look for a reputable provider.

When to book a Limo?

Book a Limousine six months before the wedding date so that your desired schedule can be registered the same time. When you book a service late, you may not get a vehicle and provider you want to hire the services from. When you make arrangements early, you get enough time to compare rates and quotes of different service providers.

Where to look for the Limo services?

Your friends or relatives can recommend the Limo service they availed. You can take advice from your colleagues. Check the yellow pages too. Search on the web for Limo providers in Brampton.

Inspect the Limo carefully

Before confirming the booking, it is important to know that the Limo assigned to you for the wedding day is in good shape. Sometimes, service provider sends old models to the client that look clumsy. Old cars can also break down on the wedding day. The exterior of the car may also not look so classy. You are paying a hefty amount for vehicle so better make sure that the one you hire looks good. Do not just rely on pictures.

Your budget

Limousine offers you a whole new level of experience. These services can be hired on an hourly basis. Consider your budget before you confirm your bookings. Check the quotes first, also add the tip of the chauffeur in your budget.

Let Paramount Limo make your wedding day memorable. Call us for more details on Wedding Limo Brampton. We will be happy to help you.

Toronto Wedding Limo- for a memorable wedding day

Wedding is once a lifetime affair. Thus, they should be made as special and unique as possible.  Most of the weddings undergo scheduling delays due to transportation issues.  Transportation is, therefore, an important aspect to look into. Relying on Toronto Wedding Limo is a great idea. It takes the worry of travel arrangements from your list.  Moreover, a luxurious car matches the level of wedding elegance.  It also gives the bride and groom a new experience to go along on their big day.

Preparation of this auspicious day takes months. Wedding day is also packed with back to back events. Getting dressed, pickup for the church and then drop to the reception venue, the schedule is full. When you book Toronto Wedding Limo for the day, it ensures that the bride is well-taken care of right from the morning. The car picks the wedding couple from the homes and then takes them to desired destination.

Limo providers in Toronto have their line of cars to choose from. You have the option to select a vehicle as per your demands and taste. You can pick one based on your favorite car brand, or may be a dream car of your beloved. Many people also like to party Limo for the day so that their wedding guest can also travel in them. Riding in a magnificent vehicle makes your day enchanting.

In the Toronto Limousine, there may be champagne and other drinks for the bridal party.  While you are exchanging wedding vows, the car waits outside and arranges for red carpet services to welcome the newly-weds. There are drinks for everyone in the car so that they can raise a toast to the new beginning of the couple.

Inside of the Limos are clean and offer a feeling of sophistication and style. The cars also feature luxurious amenities that make you feel out of the world. When you come out of the church as a couple, you will see a happy married sign on the back of the Limo. The red carpet will be there to welcome you both.

The driver knows the entire itinerary including the exact routes. It is to make sure that there are no delays. The end of the day involves the driver dropping the couple to the airport or to the desired destination.

Paramount Limo continues to be the premier Wedding Limo provider in Toronto. The years of experience gives them an edge over their competitors. For more details on packages and prices, contact us.