Prom Limo -tips to ensure teens have a safe trip

For Prom nights, parents and teens have to team to make smart decisions regarding Prom Limo.  Hiring a Limousine for a special night needs a lot of planning and organization. Picking a reliable one from chaff of firms is a tough job. To make the task easy for you, here are a few tips. These tips ensure your kids have a safe trip.

Look and Touch: You spend hours in calling every firm in your city to find the best deal. But how will you know that vehicle you rented is the actual one or not. If a dirty and tacky auto arrived at your gate, to take you to the formals, it is too late to say no.  So visit the firms you shortlisted to have a look at the vehicles firsthand. After the deal is final, get written agreement showing the price and model of the car that will come to pick you.

Cost: Sometimes, in haste, we forget to get details of the rental. Ask about the total cost. Is there any gratuity you have to pay? Are there any additional charges for every stop the car makes? How much have you to pay the chauffeur as a tip? Ask your provider about the break-up of the total cost.

Credentials: Your ride arrived on time and you all enjoying it. Suddenly cops stop you. Your excitement and zeal get over.  So to avoid such a situation, you must confirm that the driver is licensed so is the car. The vehicle must also be insured.

Make your friends pay the amount prior the final date:  Usually, Prom Limo is booked prior a month or two. In such a period, things may change between you and your friends. Collect the money from all beforehand so that in the end you alone do not have to bear the brunt.

Know your chauffeur: A driver makes the party.  If he is good, your ride ought to be fun-filled. Check the company’s website to know about the driver.  Also, inquire the firm about his temperament and conduct.

Book early: Prom season is a crazy time for Car services. The best autos are the first ones to book up. Get your friends together, discuss all the details and make early reservations to guarantee that you have a nice Limo.

Plan for it: You will be riding in a grand vehicle. Limousines for prom come with all latest amenities and features. Bring DVDs, party music and cameras with you to have an enthralling night.

Be safe and stylish with Prom Limo. Paramount Limos offer chauffeur driven car services for all social events at highly reasonable prices. Call today for more information.