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Limo Services- Essential factors to take into account

Renting Limo adds comfort to your travel. You can rent one for various occasions like weddings, bachelor’s party, prom night, night out, airport transfers and corporate travel. You can avail them to travel luxuriously and conveniently to and from the desired destination. The chauffeurs have an extensive knowledge of routes and traffic.

It guarantees most extraordinary experience to the guest. However, before you hire the services, analyze all the critical components. The essential factors to take into account are:


If your family and friends hire Limos, then it is recommended to take reference of the company they use. In the case of traveling to a new city, you can use the internet. The web is the best source of information. Online you can get contact information for all reputable providers.

Decide your budget

Analyze your budget. It will help you to determine which company you should opt for. Different companies charge differently for their services. Note the difference between the services of the firms. If you can get all services befitting your requirements at the nominal rate, then avail them.


Review whether the firm is legal or not. Ensure they are licensed and registered. Traveling with an illegal operator can be dangerous for you and the fellow passengers. The company must offer insured vehicles. The chauffeurs with them must be licensed and professionally trained. Check for their reviews online on third party websites.


High-end Limo models come with entertainment amenities and features like DVD players, LCD screens, and sound systems.  When you hire these vehicles, you expect them to look posh and well maintained. Nobody wants to ride in an old and shabby car to a particular event. So ensure you have seen the condition of the Limo. If you cannot visit the company’s premises, ask them to send you the photos of the vehicles, they offer. Ensure the condition of the car is excellent.

Rental deeds

Last but not least, the lease deed must be in written form. It must include all the terms and conditions you comply on. Read it thoroughly and then sign it. Also, you must have the copy of it with you.

Rely on Paramount Limos for all your luxury transportation needs in Toronto. With the team of dedicated professionals and well-connected networks, we are at the forefront to address all your ground transportation needs for business and leisure travel. Call us for more information or fill our online form for free quotes.


Key Advantages of Limo Rental Services

Riding in a stylish and posh Limousine is everybody’s dream. Today, there has been much buzz regarding Limo rental services. There are many companies that offer limousine at reasonable prices.  These cars serve the goal of business and leisure travel.

Advantages Limo Rental Services

High-Quality Services

The primary benefit of car rental is the comfort they offer. Traveling to a new place includes enduring all issues like traffic, navigation and parking. You no longer have to go through all the problems when you avail these services. A professional remains, at your side, to take care of all your needs. So just sit and relax on the back seat while a professional takes you to the destination.

You will never get late for your appointment. The driver reaches you ten minutes earlier than the pickup time. The dispatch center regularly updates the personnel on the traffic patterns of different routes. It is to ensure there are no delays. The driver can always switch routes in case of heavy traffic. Above all, these are available 24/7.

Perfect to make any occasion memorable and fun-filled

Limos make an excellent choice when you want to add an extra punch to an occasion. No matter it is a family get-together, wedding celebration or you are looking to put a favorable impression on a business partner; a luxurious ride is fit for all events.

Rentals are also available for graduation ceremonies, anniversaries, birthdays, prom nights and much more. With an urbane vehicle like this, you need not worry about the transportation and other travel hassles.

Cost Effective

Many people still believe that only wealthy individuals can afford to ride in a Limo. This is a pure myth. Attempt to estimate the standard charges of a cab; you will be astonished to note that it is equivalent to the price of renting a Limousine.

Limo costs you nothing extra but leaves an everlasting impression on your mind. The elegance and sophistication it offers is unmatchable.  It can turn any occasion memorable. By getting this particular service, you could make any event unforgettable.

If you are considering booking one, get in touch with Paramount Limos. We are a reliable ground transportation providers specializing in offering cars for social events at highly reasonable prices. Call us for more information on our rentals or fill our online forms for bookings. We will be happy to help you.

Wedding Limos to make your big day

Do you desire to make your wedding unique and memorable? If yes, then Wedding Limos can fulfill this wish of yours.  It is a grand event for everyone. The services can make the occasion turn unique and extravagant.

A Limousine offers you the best luxurious experience. You feel like at cloud nine. Traveling in one would get you feel royal and elegant. Turn your wedding into a magical event the memories of which will rest inside you and your guests forever.

Get set for a relaxed and comfortable ride

Amid of hustle bustle of the marriage preparations, the to-be-married couple looks for a relaxed and comfortable ride.  No other vehicle can offer you the same plush and urbane feeling like a Limousine.  On your big day, you have a professional chauffeur at your side to take you to the wedding venue. So you need not drive on your own or rely on a friend, to drive you to the church. The ride relaxes and gives you some peace of mind before you enter into the wedlock.

A reliable ride for your friends and family

The biggest hassle during such occasion is the transportation of the guest arriving to be the part of the celebration. You can share the ride with your closest friends and family members.  Limos are spacious vehicles and can accommodate a large number of people in them. You can travel along with your closed ones in one or can book another vehicle for them.

It can pick your guest from the hotel or airport, and drop them to the church or the reception venue. After the event gets over, the chauffeur safely drops your guest to the designated places.

Entertaining ride

Wedding cars come equipped with the latest audio and video amenities. Some of them also serve drinks and snacks. Your guests can use these facilities.

Custom-made packages

The companies offer tailor-made packages, to meet your requirements. The rentals vary from cost-effective to expensive.  The choice is yours. The packages include red carpet, champagne, honeymoon transfers and bottled water. So you can personalize the rentals as per your budget and other requirements.

Paramount Limo is a reliable luxury car rental firm offering finest wedding cars in Greater Toronto Area, Toronto and Niagara Region.  We provide top line fleet of cars, ranging from Buses, Sedans, Stretch Limos and SUV to make your day extra special. Call us for more information or fill our online form for reservation.



Prom Limo -tips to ensure teens have a safe trip

For Prom nights, parents and teens have to team to make smart decisions regarding Prom Limo.  Hiring a Limousine for a special night needs a lot of planning and organization. Picking a reliable one from chaff of firms is a tough job. To make the task easy for you, here are a few tips. These tips ensure your kids have a safe trip.

Look and Touch: You spend hours in calling every firm in your city to find the best deal. But how will you know that vehicle you rented is the actual one or not. If a dirty and tacky auto arrived at your gate, to take you to the formals, it is too late to say no.  So visit the firms you shortlisted to have a look at the vehicles firsthand. After the deal is final, get written agreement showing the price and model of the car that will come to pick you.

Cost: Sometimes, in haste, we forget to get details of the rental. Ask about the total cost. Is there any gratuity you have to pay? Are there any additional charges for every stop the car makes? How much have you to pay the chauffeur as a tip? Ask your provider about the break-up of the total cost.

Credentials: Your ride arrived on time and you all enjoying it. Suddenly cops stop you. Your excitement and zeal get over.  So to avoid such a situation, you must confirm that the driver is licensed so is the car. The vehicle must also be insured.

Make your friends pay the amount prior the final date:  Usually, Prom Limo is booked prior a month or two. In such a period, things may change between you and your friends. Collect the money from all beforehand so that in the end you alone do not have to bear the brunt.

Know your chauffeur: A driver makes the party.  If he is good, your ride ought to be fun-filled. Check the company’s website to know about the driver.  Also, inquire the firm about his temperament and conduct.

Book early: Prom season is a crazy time for Car services. The best autos are the first ones to book up. Get your friends together, discuss all the details and make early reservations to guarantee that you have a nice Limo.

Plan for it: You will be riding in a grand vehicle. Limousines for prom come with all latest amenities and features. Bring DVDs, party music and cameras with you to have an enthralling night.

Be safe and stylish with Prom Limo. Paramount Limos offer chauffeur driven car services for all social events at highly reasonable prices. Call today for more information.

Celebrate in style with Party Limos Toronto

Famous celebrities like to travel first-rate and in distinguished style. They cruise around cities and to formal functions in utmost comfort of Party Limo Toronto. However, the services have also become a quite popular among ordinary people, as well.  Read to find more about where these vehicles are used.

Party Limo Toronto

Party Limo is the perfect vehicle for transport to another party. The car can usually sit 15 people in them, so there is plenty of space for everybody to snug in it. In the car, you can expect surround sound systems, leather seats offering ultimate luxuriousness, plasma screens, neon lights to create the right mood and lots of drinks. All these features make it favorite amongst people all over.

Popular uses of Party Limo Toronto

There is a variety of uses of these Limos. Below are the few occasions that these vehicles have been used for:

Prom nights: Prom night is the biggest event in a student’s life. Let your child navigate to the event in a Limousine. Such a gesture from your side will make his/her night memorable and fun-filled.

Graduation: Years of hard work is going to pay you. It’s your graduation.  Limos are perfect for celebrating an event of such magnitude. With a chauffeur driven car at dispense, you can spend a few moments with your special friends with whom you might not be able to meet for years.

Weddings: Make your wedding a grand event. Hire a Party Limo and travel to the church in magnificence. A Limo service adds a special touch to the day. No parking and traffic hassles. You can just relax on the back seat with your bride and let the chauffeur handle all issues on your behalf.

These services are also popular for hen parties and stag nights. Since these vehicles are not a common sight, it can spice you up your occasion.

It is not necessary to have a special get together to use these cars. You can get them even for a night out. It can cruise you to the happening nightclubs of the city or your favorite restaurant for a cosy dinner with family.

How much it cost?

There is no denying that Party limos are heavy on your pocket. However, the rising demand of the car has lowered its prices. The vehicle can make your occasion a remembrance for lifetime. So what are you waiting for, pick your phone and call Paramount Limos to book one today.

Party bus rental in Toronto

The party buses have become the preferred mode of transportation in this era. Many choose to hire a vehicle for social events like prom nights, bachelor parties, sporting events, birthday bashes and lot more. The party buses come in a wide range of sizes. Seating capacity and amenities differ from model to model. You can hire one with the capacity of 30 or more to travel in style to the destination. The memory of riding in one will never seem distant to you. It will always reside inside you.

If it is your first-time, check out the basics of renting a Party bus Toronto.

What does it include?

Most Toronto Party buses offer ample of comfortable seating and upgraded light and sound systems. Inside the vehicle, there are plasma screens, surround sound systems, dance floor, disco lights, smoke machines and lot more. Moving around in one gives you a night club experience with just one difference, there will be no strangers. You can sing and dance with your group. Most of them also have a wet bar. They also serve alcoholic beverage or soft drinks inside.  For minors, alcohol is strictly prohibited.

What is a strict no?

A Toronto party bus provider does not allow customers to bring their beverage and food on board.  They are strict about the norms and regulations. Having refreshments inside the vehicle is a strict no. You can bring your entertainment along, like music you like or a video you want to play. A lot of things depend on the provider. Check with the company to know what is included in the package.

How can you use the services?

You can use the services to transport the wedding party to the church and then to the reception venue or to transport you and your bunch of friends to the prom night. You can even head to a sporting event or a concert. You can even enjoy in it a tour to the city with your closed one. The idea is just to make any occasion, or event memorable and fun filled. These vehicles are also available for bachelor parties and girls night out. Most companies have a long list of services the vehicle is available for.

Make sure the firm you choose has insured vehicles, licensed chauffeurs and abide by all laws of the state. Book one early as the popularity of these vehicles is causing many companies to fill the dates fast.

For the most happening party in the town, contact Paramount Limousine and book one Party Bus today.

A night out Limo for a perfect weekend outing

After a long week of meetings, presentations and work pressure in the office, the weekend is a time to unwind your stress and have some fun. Competition in the workplace takes toll on our mental health. By the end of the week, we feel completely exhausted and worn-out. Having some relaxed time with your best mates on Saturday night rejuvenates your spirit. It refreshes you for another long week at the office. Toronto is an amazing and the nightlife of the city is also enthralling. Instead of heading to a local restaurant for dine-in, get a Night out Limousine.

Splurging money on Limo rental for a weekend may sound a bit over the top, but you would be surprised to know how affordable it can be.  Let’s face it… how long it has been you traveled around your city, explored it freely and that so specially with your friends. With a night Out Limousine, you can zip across the city in style and your party goes on.

Your usual weekends would be like you reached a pub, gulp a few drinks, and danced for a while and then finally leaves the party midnight. You don’t even get to indulge in boy’s talk with your mates. In a Limo, you all travel together to the destination. Meanwhile, the chauffeur navigates you through the city; you can talk with your friends about anything and everything.

Even if you are a group of ten friends, you can avail a classy Limousine and make it the best night of your life. You can book the car for 8 to 10 hours and have the personal driver to take you wherever you want to go. No worries about parking and traffic hassles.

If you plan on hitting the dance floor of a Toronto’s famous nightclub, a Limo come very handy. The chauffeur escorts you throughout the way and opens the door for you. It looks pretty glamorous. You become the center of attraction.  The luxurious vehicle has a lot a space to accommodate your group. They also come equipped with all latest amenities that make your travel even more fun-filled and enjoyable.

Renting a Limo for night out is more than just fun. It will be an experience that will remain with you forever. So if you are exhausted with your routine, and want to have a good time, consider hiring a Limo with us. We at Paramount Limo specialize in offering chauffeured car services for social events. Call for more information on our packages.

Limousine Services for Special Events and Occasion

Have you even dreamt of traveling in a luxurious Limousine with your family and friends? Well, now you can make this dream come true. You can find many Limo providers that offer services in your area, that too on reasonable prices. When you opt for a chauffeur driven car, it guarantees you safe and relaxed journey. You also reach your destination in style. You become the center of attraction. Limos can be used for all occasions and events.

Why Limos?

When riding with friends, you can enjoy the whole way. You have someone at dispense to take you the destination. You all can spend good time with each and other remembering your golden days.

Your favorite team Toronto Argonauts is playing match in the city. Would you not like to cheer for your team? Transportation becomes a big hassle as nobody wants to handle the stress of parking in a crowded stadium. Avail a car service and let a trained driver navigates you to the stadium in comfort and luxury. All you have to do is relax on the back seat and chill.

It’s a friend’s bachelor party. Make it a special night with hiring a Limousine service. You would not regret the decision. A magnificent vehicle picks you all from a desired pickup point and drops you to the destination. You can switch venues as per your liking. No buzz from the driver. He is there to accommodate everything you demand.

That’s not enough! There is more to it…. Marriage is one of the most important events in one’s life. Make it a fairy tale wedding wherein the suitor comes in a Limo, to vow you.  The Limo services make sure you have the best time of your life. The services are punctual and give an extra punch to your special occasion.

It is your kid’s prom night. It is a big day for him. Hire a chauffeur driven car and let them enjoy this special night. Your kids will be a trained driver that ensures their safety. You will have his contact number so you can always call and ask your child’s whereabouts.

You can even rent them for Graduations, wine tours, casino trips and even concerts…. A lot more depend on the range of services a firm offers.  Hire this classy vehicle for your next special event. It will no doubt make it the most fun-filled and enjoyable one.

For luxury Limo services in Toronto, contact Paramount Limos. We specialize in offering Limousines for social events. Feel free to call us anytime.

Toronto Wedding Limo- for a memorable wedding day

Wedding is once a lifetime affair. Thus, they should be made as special and unique as possible.  Most of the weddings undergo scheduling delays due to transportation issues.  Transportation is, therefore, an important aspect to look into. Relying on Toronto Wedding Limo is a great idea. It takes the worry of travel arrangements from your list.  Moreover, a luxurious car matches the level of wedding elegance.  It also gives the bride and groom a new experience to go along on their big day.

Preparation of this auspicious day takes months. Wedding day is also packed with back to back events. Getting dressed, pickup for the church and then drop to the reception venue, the schedule is full. When you book Toronto Wedding Limo for the day, it ensures that the bride is well-taken care of right from the morning. The car picks the wedding couple from the homes and then takes them to desired destination.

Limo providers in Toronto have their line of cars to choose from. You have the option to select a vehicle as per your demands and taste. You can pick one based on your favorite car brand, or may be a dream car of your beloved. Many people also like to party Limo for the day so that their wedding guest can also travel in them. Riding in a magnificent vehicle makes your day enchanting.

In the Toronto Limousine, there may be champagne and other drinks for the bridal party.  While you are exchanging wedding vows, the car waits outside and arranges for red carpet services to welcome the newly-weds. There are drinks for everyone in the car so that they can raise a toast to the new beginning of the couple.

Inside of the Limos are clean and offer a feeling of sophistication and style. The cars also feature luxurious amenities that make you feel out of the world. When you come out of the church as a couple, you will see a happy married sign on the back of the Limo. The red carpet will be there to welcome you both.

The driver knows the entire itinerary including the exact routes. It is to make sure that there are no delays. The end of the day involves the driver dropping the couple to the airport or to the desired destination.

Paramount Limo continues to be the premier Wedding Limo provider in Toronto. The years of experience gives them an edge over their competitors. For more details on packages and prices, contact us.